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          當你的家人以及你最關心的人不幸身陷囚牢,你最希望的是他們回到身邊。我國刑事訴訟制度設置了取︰蟶蠡蚣嗍泳幼。  悄鼙蝗”︰蟶蟺娜詞切以說納偈。律師在會見掌握基本案情的基礎上申請取︰蟶,可以做到辯法說理,為你和你的親人爭取取︰蟶蟺淖畬罌贍。 

          Who are we

          We are a team of energetic and ambitious Chinese defense lawyers based in the center of metropolitan 


          What do we do

          We defend for you in the following cases (but not limited to): white collar crimes, bribery cases, commercial crimes, financial crimes, drug cases, other high profile cases and etc. 

          We answer your questions on criminal related matters.

          We protect your any rights in any criminal cases by appearing in court, representation, consultation,

          investigation, negotiation, document preparation and etc. 

          We also help the criminal victims if you got hurt in China

          Why are we

          We are a team work group. We share knowledge and experiences. 

          Among us, we have former judges, former policemen, graduate from US prestige law school, former Global Fortune 500 Legal Head and etc. 

          We know Chinese law, common law criminal system and international criminal legal system. 

          We know the differences between Chinese law and international norms and practices, e.g. in China no right to remain silent and no Miranda warning. 

          We come from different big laws in Chinese, including one most famous national firm in criminal area and one largest law firm in China in terms of number and national coverage.

          We deal with every case by team, not only one attorney (most common in China).

          Based on the huge network, even if you do not find what you need, we could help you on finding the one you need through our network without any charge. 

          Regarding to the fee, we never charge low unless we do the case pro bono if agreement reached.

          When do you need us

          Once you are questioned, detained or arrested by policeman or any other alleged investigative authority, let us know as soon as you can.

          If the above happened to your family remember, let us know as soon as you can.

          If the above happened to your friend, let he/she know us and give him/her our contact information. 

          If your company faces the above situation, recommend to your senior management our background and leave our contact information to them. 

          If your company runs business in China, definitely your company needs criminal defense lawyers like us to provide consultation and health check to minimize the potential risks in your daily operation. Regular in-house counsel and commercial lawyers and firms are just not enough!

          If you any interest in our services, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email at any time you want.

          Where are we

          We base in downtown Shanghai (center of Puxi) with branches in dozens of provinces and network 

          nationwide. Also we have cooperative defense lawyers in the jurisdictions of Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan, Taiwan and etc.


          • 電話 : 021-66549897
          • 手機︰13943547784
          • Q Q︰758646353
          • 郵箱︰54367541@126.com
          • 網址︰www.chichitu.cn
          • 地址︰徐州市鼓楼区杨山路与桃园路交叉路口往西约150米